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Sukira: Kiss The Radio (140830) V likes taking his clothes off.

  • Ryeowook: Its says here (in the script) "V walks around in the (AHL) dorm in red underwear."
  • BTS: *laughs*
  • Ryeowook: You go around in red underwear in front of the female staff? :O
  • V: It wasn't red underwear, it was a red shorts that were really short.
  • V: I wear them too sleep ,but everyone says they were too short. It came out weird on the show.
  • Suga: They were like trunks ,but they were pants that are really short.
  • Rapmon: V likes exposure.
  • BTS: It's so embarrassing
  • Ryeowook: Yeah, those types of people like exposure.
  • V: It's not like that, i just like taking my clothes off ,but not on broadcast
  • Jungkook: What are you talking about? YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON BROADCAST.


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im gonna hire someone to stand behind me and say swag whenever i pause between words

Hip hop has found me slightly. Just like a young child will look for their mother.It naturally mixed with my life.
When I was just an elementary student back then, I thought of my dreams. I wanted to be a rapstar, that was the early matured thoughts of a young child that hated the idea of having similar life as others.
Even when people around me try to hold me down to dissuade, hip hop wich has made its place inside me, flips me over completely even at that young age. My 16 bars that I write on the corner of my textbooks.Thanks to that, I was able to threw away my safe life and went to a studio in Namsan-dong, Daegu.
Then throw myself and work the dull tip of a pent all night long. At the end of my efforts, instead of the language or maths tutoring taken in school, lt was thanks to my rhymes that my dreams come true. Everyone asks me, what is hip hop? I confidently answer this is my everything.As a result of that, my entire life is buried inside music. If loving this culture is a sin, then I have died over a hundred times.

I’ll be down for your rap. I’ll be down for your rhythm. It still makes my heart pound. It makes me want to be the real me.

-   Suga confession in 힙합성애자 (HipHop Lover) I have died over a hundred times (via hyemolly)